Taig Workbench

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Taig machine tools are micro machine tools that can be used to machine metal (aluminum, brass, steel) as well as plastics and wood. They are small enough to be setup on an apartment desk or workbench, and quiet enough to run without bothering adjacent neighbors. Although their size is much smaller than that of larger machining equipment, they have the ability to complete nearly all of the same machining operations and on the same materials! The major difference is that lighter "cuts" or "passes" must be taken when removing material. As far as precision is concerned, you can still achieve tolerances of less than half a thou (0.0005")! This makes them an ideal option for hobbyists with budget or space constraints, as well as a good solution for those performing prototyping work. Use the contact form above if you have any questions. A slowly growing FAQ is available as well. Thanks for stopping by! -Keith

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