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Threading Using the 1152 Die Holder for Tailstock

Threading on the Taig lathe!  This is a quick and simple demonstration of how the 1152 "Die Holder for Tailstock" is used to hold 1" button dies on center and enable the Taig lathe to cut standard diameter threads.

1152 Die Holder for Tailstock in Action

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Snapper Mower Deck Repair

I was given a heavily used snapper lawn mower a few years ago and it has been a great riding mower!  However, it was made in the mid 90's and has several parts in need of attention.  Lately the deck belt has been jumping its pulley system every time I disengage the blades.  Apparently 20 years of the tensioning pulley pivoting on its hinge has caused some wear.  This turned out to be a perfect job for the lathe.  Here we go!

old pin vs new pin

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Mini Cannon

Mini Cannon!  Here is a quick lathe project that provides a lot of bang for the buck, ha ha.   Oh my...


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South Bend Clutch Repair

I recently picked up an old 13 inch South Bend lathe and have been working to get it up and running.  Here it sits, just off the trailer and inside the garage.. yay!  The first thing I noticed was that the clutch handle swiveled freely (not meant to work that way).

south bend lathe

The clutch worked but not well, and the set screw that locks the handle from rotating was fully set.  After taking things apart and pouring over the parts breakdown illustrations, I came to the conclusion that I must have inherited some hybrid assembly that was perhaps made up of more than one design.  Regardless, I needed something that would function like a pin and a key at the same time, so I made one on the Taig micro lathe!

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Making a Motor Pulley Adapter

A local customer recently purchased the K1019 lathe kit and found a nice old 1/4 hp AC motor on craigslist (and for only $25 $15!). The catch?  Well, the shaft was 5/8" and that makes it 1/8" larger than the 1/2" pulley bore.

.625 inch motor shaft and 0.500 inch pulley

So there were two options:  1) Bore out the pulley to 5/8" or  2)  Make an adapter to step down from 5/8" to a 1/2" shaft.  Boring out the pulley would sacrifice the lowest belt setting (since the smallest groove is at less than 5/8" diameter) so we decided to make an adapter instead.

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